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MIT-Taiwanese spirit-Quality oriented
In the name of Taiwan Champ Mask, we dedicate our craftsman’s spirit into high quality face mask to protect people’s health from Taiwan to worldwide.

2011 Chapter 1
Stay Strong in Crisis

Before our founder, Andy Chen, established Taiwan Champ Mask, he worked as a distributor of cleanroom supplies and mask products. When the mask prices spiked during the H1N1 crisis, he’d rather borrowing money every month to keep his business going than breaking the promise to his clients by raising price.

Mr. Chen survived the financial crisis through great perseverance, and this leads to establish his own mask manufacturing plant. In 2011, the first Taiwan Champ Mask plant was founded in Yingge, New Taipei City. Many companies, distributors of different channels became our clients, and we expanded our business to oversea market as well. It took only 7 years to surpass the production capacity of most major competitors in this field which had been operating for decades.

Taiwan Champ Mask concentrates on developing new technology and innovation. We have not only created adult and child flat-fold mask, but also committed to being environmentally friendly. Our patented nose wires are all recyclable.

In addition, Taiwan Champ Mask has invested in non-woven raw material plants to get one step closer to its vision of vertically integrated mask factory projects (turn-key solution).

2017 Chapter 2
Put ideas into practice

To produce high quality products and perform on an international stage, Taiwan Champ Mask has invested in manufacturing and inspection equipment. We devoted ourselves to product improvements through the creation of new mask materials and innovative shapes.

After years of research and development, consumer market insights, and the goal of providing a better wearing experience for all users, Taiwan Champ Mask has debuted the self-owned brand ‘EVERYDAY MASK’.
EVERYDAY MASK PM2.5 mask is the first mask in Taiwan to pass the CNS15980 Class A certification. It guarantees protection against PM2.5 with a HEPA level filter layer and 3 times better breathability. This product has created a wide fan base. With the successes of PM2.5 mask, EVERYDAY MASK also launched additional mask lines to fulfill a variety of user demands such as active carbon masks for motorcycle riders and added comfort masks for children.

Currently, we have three self-own brands: EVERYDAY MASK, CRAFTSMAN and Uneed. These brands are categorized by target audience, material combination, and pricing strategy. We offer a variety of choices for distributors, agents and consumers.

2020 Chapter3
Seeking Changing in Crisis

The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted the normal daily life and has put human-being‘s health in danger. Taiwan Champ joined the national masks team and successfully boosted the production capacity within a short space of time. Taiwan Champ tackles all kinds of difficulties, expanding capacity and producing 24 hours a day in order to protect the lives and health of the people.

We have set a record of 25% as the highest production capacity to become the number one mask producing company in Taiwan, by supplying 2 million masks to the country every day for epidemic prevention measures. We hope to share Taiwan’s successful experience to help more countries in need of epidemic prevention materials. The Taiwan Champ group launches a turn-key solution of mask manufacturing by adopting a total-solution approach starting from raw material procurement, providing essential machinery and equipment, combined mask production lines, and going all the way to quality assurance and testing. The concept of turn-key solution has integrated the upstream, mid-stream and downstream production chains. We hoped that Taiwan‘s state-of-the-art technology and successful experience will help countries to produce their own protective net against epidemics and bring more protection for human life.

2020 Final Chapter
Going Forward Boldly

To be named as a role model in Taiwan National Mask Team , Taiwan Champ overcomes all kinds of difficulties and barriers. We united our purpose to help Taiwanese safeguarding citizens’ health and continue to get on international stage, so that Taiwan’s high-quality masks can protect more people regardless of their locations and nationalities.

“Safeguarding your health one mask at a time”.  

We truly believe this is our mission.

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